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Kelsie Smith

 National Operations Chair

Nathan Aquino
National Membership Chair

Vini Patel

National Public Relations Chair


Nicholas S. Tito
National Treasurer

Kasie Dorr

National Advocacy Liaison

Sean Friefeld
National Recruitment Liaison

Urvi Patel

National Director

Aaron R. Kuzel
Resident Physician Advisor

Alixandria Fiore Pfeiffer
Resident Physician Advisor

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D.O. Day On the Hill

Omega Beta Iota DO Day on the Hill

Sponsored by the American Osteopathic Association, DO Day on the Hill is the osteopathic profession's annual advocacy event. Each year, hundreds of osteopathic medical students and physicians attend DO Day on the Hill to advocate on behalf of their profession and patients. 

Please Note: DO DAY 2020 Cancelled!