For more information, reach out to the Executive Board

Kelsie Smith

 National Operations Chair

Nathan Aquino
National Membership Chair

Vini Patel

National Public Relations Chair


Nicholas S. Tito
National Treasurer

Kasie Dorr

National Advocacy Liaison

Sean Friefeld
National Recruitment Liaison

Urvi Patel

National Director

Aaron R. Kuzel
Resident Physician Advisor

Alixandria Fiore Pfeiffer
Resident Physician Advisor

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Application Information

Applicants are expected to meet certain standards, such as: leadership in organizational roles, membership in various osteopathic organizations, grassroots political activism, and participation in political events at the state and national levels. 

The Spring 2020 Application Cycle is now closed! 

We thank you for submitting your application! 

Application cycle closed as of February 23, 2020 11:59pm EST.

Our cycle will open again in the Fall!  

Membership Requirements

Membership within Omega Beta Iota is based strictly on an applicant successfully demonstrating their osteopathic political experience through the completion of several requirements. 


An applicant must meet all requirements listed in category 1 and at least one requirement in both category 2 and category 3. 


The more involved an applicant is, the greater their chances are of being inducted. Ultimately, it is up to the discretion of the National Board if an individual meets the criteria for induction into Omega Beta Iota

Category 1:

-Membership in the American Osteopathic Association (AOA)

-Successful completion of a minimum of one semester of medical school

-Submission of a letter of recommendation from a politically involved individual who can attest to the applicant’s political involvement

- Submission of a completed, official ΩΒΙ application prior to the determined deadline

Category 2: Membership (in good standing) in the following organizations is encouraged for induction into Omega Beta Iota.

-Membership in the Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA)

-Membership in your respective State Osteopathic Medical Association (i.e. if the applicant goes to school in Florida, the applicant should be a member of FOMA)

-Osteopathic Political Action Committee (OPAC) Student Chairman’s Club Membership 

-Leadership role in Student Government Association or National Osteopathic
Association (e.g. COSGP) and/or on campus

Category 3: Political Advocacy/Activism and Training

-Past participant of DO Day on Capitol Hill, COM Day on Capitol Hill, or applicant’s respective state DO Day

- Participation in local/state/national political campaigns

-Participation in American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) “Ed to Med” national grassroots advocacy campaign as a Student Ambassador

Common application mistakes to avoid:

• Submitting part or all of the application after the deadline

• Incomplete application: i.e. not meeting all requirements listed in Category 1 and at least one requirement in both Categories 2 and 3 of the application

• Late submission of the letter of recommendation

• Submitting a letter of recommendation originally written for another activity/application

• Late or no verification of involvement in various activities that require a letter confirming participation

• Not including advocacy work before medical school or during medical school. We value local political involvement and advocacy before or during medical school. Because we may not be familiar with the context of that activity, please go into more detail regarding your role so that we can fully understand your work in those areas.

• Falsification of any portion of the application.

• Submitting an application that is difficult to read/follow and does not match the original application formatting

• If you are a previous applicant and have not shown improvement from the last application cycle

Please reach out to the National Board with questions you may have regarding OBI or the application process. Contact information is provided below.